With ease and versatility, The Cordelle Loft can serve as a VIP Greenroom, Bridal Suite or comfortable, stylish meeting room for small groups making all who enter feel right at home…

The Cordelle’s large Furnished Loft is a perfect compliment to The Great Hall and Victorian below— with a spacious lounge, dining area, full wet bar, private bathroom and comfortable suite. The Loft space is a well-appointed flexible element that elevates your experience.

The Loft entryway’s handcrafted barn doors, built by Tennessee’s Holler Design, set the stage for the balcony entrance. The drama of the vaulted ceilings, with crisp white trusses, makes a striking backdrop for photos!  

The loft is a moment to breathe, a place to prepare for your most important moment, a quiet spot to reflect and soak in emotions with your closet VIPs...